Custom Cutting Boards

I strive to make the most beautiful, durable, and chemical/petroleum free cutting boards available.  Amidst the custom dining table and desk orders, we also work on smaller custom orders such as these cutting boards. 



These Wenge cutting boards are made of two pieces of 1.5" thick African Wenge.  They are joined using a sliding dovetail joint that virtually makes them inseparable.  We also added stiffeners along the bottom side to prevent the wood from warping over time.  They are designed to last a lifetime.


The Walnut cutting board on a solid Walnut stand was an intriguing order.  Requested as a gift for the client's husband, she mentioned that he complained about chopping on normal cutting boards due to his height (over 6 feet) and the lowness of their 1940's countertop.  Our solution was a solid stand with four dowels at the top.  The cutting board simply presses onto the dowels and is locked in.  It is removable by simply lifting on the ends for cleaning.  

If any of you tall chefs are breaking your backs in the kitchen, send us a note so that we can make chopping (a little more) enjoyable.