Now Taking Orders for this Claro Walnut Live Edge Salvaged Slab

With a new supplier of some of the finest Claro Walnut logs in the Country, we will be updating the website with kiln dried, ready to order slabs.  You will now be able to see the Walnut, Yew, Maple, and Elm slabs in person and before purchasing, right here in Los Angeles.

We are proud to add that these trees are all naturally fallen, salvaged, and intensely figured.

We are now taking deposits for this stunning 72"+ wide slab of Claro Walnut.  It is still in log form, and will have to milled, stickered, and kiln dried before being ready (a 3-year process).  

There are over 60 slabs exiting the kiln this week, some over 7 feet wide and 16 feet long (and ready to go)!

Trees of this size are extremely rare, so don't wait, place a deposit now!

Email: for more information or reach us directly at: 818.424.9046