Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright

Probably one of the most easily recognized building of the modern era, Falling Water lived up to its legendary status.  The path to the site is lined with dense maple tree foliage and the faint sound of running water.  

500 yards or so away from the main house, lies this vantage point.  I prefer sketching to photographing as it forces me to understand proportions, relationships, and details that would otherwise go unnoticed or be too easily forgotten as the camera aims at the next frame of interest.  Sketching also has the ability to omit details such as tourists that can often ruin a photograph.

I love the way the horizontal planes are simultaneously disruptive and harmonious in the forest.  Only the straight lines of the maple tree trunks come close to matching the stark lines of the house.

I snuck around a locked staircase to capture this photo.  Walking along the riverbed granted a new perspective of the home and a further understanding of the Wright's concept of bringing the waterfall into the home.