Located a half hours drive outside of Portland in Happy Valley, Oregon, Pickathon is my wife and I's favorite annual retreat.  The music festival has several stages that vary in size and site, including a small and medium sized barn, three outdoor stages covered in geometrically designed fabric canopies that rise and fall with the breeze, and a stage carefully constructed in the forest out of large and small tree branches.  Each stage offers a unique experience, some intimate and others expansive and full of energy.

On the last day of the festival we stumbled into the workshop barn, a small space that seats roughly 30 people, and watched an incredibly intimate set performed by The Weather Station.  Tamara Lindeman is the head of the band, and she simply, "writes songs about things that exist."  Her airy singing voice is an instrument in itself and while listening to the band, it flutters between foreground and background, conscious and subconscious.