Massive Live Edge Claro Walnut Conference Table

Each of these live edge tables require countless decisions at each step of the process.  Centuries old, we strive to offer them a new life in each of our client's homes and offices where they will continue to be as cherished as they were in the forests.  This particular single slab Conference table measures 16 feet long and over 6 feet wide.

In our loading dock, we marvel at it's beauty, strategically planning all the necessary cuts while noting the cracks that will require reinforcement.

I designed this slab flattener to achieve perfectly parallel surfaces on these massive wood slabs.  The great length of this piece required extra effort, maxing out the machine.  With the rough sawn surface planed off, you can see the beauty that lies beneath.   Such color variation is common in California Claro Walnut, and it certainly never gets old.

Jonathan carefully sands the surface of the slab and begins filling all of the minor cracks.

I strive to highlight the major cracks in the table and especially those that require structural support with joinery such as this Rosewood butterfly joint.  Each crack is first meticulously cleaned of wood splinters and frayed chips before mapping out the joinery locations.  This particular crack, albeit small, went through both sides of the table and will cease to spread due to this butterfly key.

Certainly on of the best moments is the application of oil to the backside of the live edge slab.  The surface explodes with color and chatoyance, rewarding us for all of our hard work.  It is difficult to grasp the massive size and beauty of a piece in a photo.

One can only imagine the conversations that will be shared around this table.  Many thanks to all of my clients who allow me to work with such beautiful pieces of wood, I am truly grateful!