Corset Table No. 3 in a Gorgeous Modern Mountain Home at the Yellowstone Club

Continuing to experiment with a carefully designed composition of glass elements amongst a landscape of a decayed wood slab, Corset Table no. 3 introduces a stepped corset that negotiates changes in surface heights.

Borrowing from our experience with Corset Table no. 2, the cantilevered polished brass corsets extend from the decayed edges of the hand selected, heavily figured Bastogne Walnut slab to support and lock the glass in position, flush with the table's edge.

The Corset Table blends perfectly with the picturesque Big Sky Mountain landscape, reflecting the scene and introducing a landscape of its own.

The Corset Table was part of a larger commission which included a bar, a bar cabinet, and another dining table.  Here you can see the impact that the three pieces have on the space, establishing a flow that adds a level of refinement to the rugged, rustic appearance of the interior.