Cast Bronze Edge Table - No.1

This piece represents my current and continuing interest with bronze as a material and casting as a process.  By casting a live edge, using the lost wax process, I am attempting to take the live edge typology to the next level.  This is a completely original concept that I've executed with extreme precision, resulting in the first Cast Edge Table.   

The table features a California Claro Walnut live edge slab seamlessly joined to a cast bronze edge.  The cast bronze live edge maintains high levels of detail from the original piece of wood due to the lost wax casting process.  This process involves several molds, beginning in silicone, progressing to wax, and ultimately ceramic.

The table rests upon my signature Shear Desk Base, which features styling similar to our signature Shear Base, except for one fact, it is hollow.  This hollowness allows cords to remain hidden as they travel through the slab top, into the base, and discretely out of the back leg.

With two long, gorgeous cracks, or natural imperfections as we call them, we employed my signature corset joint in brass along with the traditional butterfly joint in rosewood for stability.  The corsets nod to the tradition of the butterfly joint.  Here you can also see the solid brass grommet which feeds directly into the leg for electrical  and data cords.