Future Islands

I have to admit that when I first heard Future Islands performing at Pickathon 2011, I did not know what to think.  The singer, Samuel Herring, had a powerful theatrical performance on stage that was odd and sometimes disturbing, yet also mesmerizing.  He would beat his chest and slap his face and pound the stage to emphasize certain lyrics or moments in the songs and get the crowd invested in the performance.  I feel that his theatrics were intended to make the crowd feel less subconscious about dancing to the groups somewhat new and unique sound.  

Future Islands' music is a mixture of 80's synth, 60's disco, and operatic vocals that combine to form such an intriguing and new sound, that I couldn't help but become entranced by it.  The intense emotional depth of the lyrics and vocals of Herring are highlighted by the rather simple melodies expertly played by Gerrit Welmers on the keys and William Cashion on bass.

I'm extremely pleased to see them gaining the recognition they so rightfully deserve.