West Edge Design Fair 2016 - Japanese Tea Hut + Strike/Slip Table with Tokio Lighting

This year at West Edge Design Fair 2016, Taylor Donsker Design partnered with Tokio lighting to collectively showcase the Strike/Slip Table under Tokio's Carbon Light within a Japanese tea ceremony inspired tea hut, designed and built by Taylor Donsker.  The tea hut was built entirely from salvaged Beetle Kill Pine and then charred by hand with a large torch in the style of Shou Sugi ban.

Within the intimate scale of the tea hut, I sought to offer a respite from the chaos caused by the overwhelming scale of the trade show.  While some visitors questioned whether the hut was a display many visitors rushed inside to experience the tea ceremony, simply take a few moments off of their feet, or take a closer look and inquire about the furniture on display.


The Claro Walnut Strike/Slip Table and Building Blocks were on display within the space allowing visitors to admire the well crafted joinery of the two pieces while becoming enamored with the velvety smooth hand rubbed finish and signature detailing.  I explained my inspiration for the work, earthquakes and Soviet Constructivism, and showcased the unique feature of the table, it's ability to be completely separated into two self supporting halves.

I sat in the corner of the space welcoming visitors as I offered them a cup of loose leaf tea and attempted to get to know each visitor more personally.