Furniture as Art as Furniture at LAX

The Throne, a sculptural chair I designed and built in 2013 was selected by an esteemed jury to be part of a six month exhibition at the arrival section of Los Angeles Airport Terminal Three.  The show focuses on west coast studio furniture makers including internationally recognized woodworkers such as Sam Maloof.

An excerpt from the show:

Realizing that every material has a grain, a strength and a weakness, an origin and an end, my work seamlessly combines materials with different and oftentimes opposing properties.  Exploiting these differences allows me to both highlight the architectural connections that join the differing materials and allow them to become physically and visually stronger than they are on their own. The resulting heightened strength allows for moments of structural defiance such as the appearance of weightlessness or flotation and increased functionality. 

More information about the show:

Early 2016 will see an exhibition of ‘Studio Furniture’ at the Los Angeles Airport — as approved and facilitated by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, Public Art Division, in tandem with the Los Angeles World Airports, Arts Exhibition Program.

The purpose of the exhibit will be to expose the traveling public to ‘Studio Furniture’ — showcasing the talents of southern California furniture designers / makers.