Corset Table no 2. Lands in Kansas City

 Revisiting the Corset Table design after a client from Kansas City fell in love with the original piece, I continued to elevate the design by taking cues from the unique imperfections in these particular slabs. 

Featuring a book matched set of heavily figured, musical grade Bastogne Walnut, each slab broke away from the other half leaving a series of heavily damaged and stunning decayed edges.  

Because the shape of the glass is influenced by the contours of the decayed edges, some of which were rather linear, I designed a new Corset that slightly protrudes beyond and locks the glass in place.  These Corsets were highly polished and create a wonderful rhythm to the piece that is echoed by the upside down corsets in the center of the table.

The abstract landscape created by the reflection of the glass awaits those curious enough to peak below the glass.

In the back of the piece, the two book matched halves fully separate; furthering the concept of erosion.  This detail is one of my favorites, with a thicker exposed corset bringing the two halves together and stabilizing the piece.   

The overall composition is heightened by the glass components, which cause the shape of the top to form an eroded rectangle.  The functional portions of the live edge protrude, creating a unique dining experience when sitting at different sections of the dining table.